This Civil Justice law firm was founded in December of 2009 by Webb Brewer and Steve Barlow to fill a significant need for progressive legal representation for those whose interests are frequently not well served in the legal system. We are dedicated to using law to advance the interests of human rights, civil justice and progressive public policy for people in Memphis Tennessee and the Mid-South.

While providing the highest quality representation for our individual clients, it is our mission to:

  • End economic exploitation through abusive lending practices,
  • Assist homeowners in avoiding foreclosure,
  • Protect the rights of people with disabilities in housing, employment, education, and public accommodations,
  • Assist clients who are victims of illegal discrimination,
  • Protect foreign nationals from persecution and exploitation,
  • Protect individuals from domestic violence and stalking,
  • Advocate for decent and affordable housing,
  • Ensure access to quality health care for all,
  • Promote environmental justice,
  • Ensure access to high- quality free public education,
  • Assist clients in Social Security and SSI claims,
  • And ensure that people get the full benefit of rights guaranteed to all by the Constitution and state and federal laws.

We also advocate for legal reform when the existing laws are not serving the interests of consumers. Big businesses have access to legislators not enjoyed by ordinary people. We are dedicated to addressing this imbalance of power through aggressive legislative advocacy and strategic appeals of court decisions that adversely affect the rights of individuals.

Brewer & Barlow PLC
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